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design.  Stand-by systems are independent of the primary system in
all details, including power source and other support utilities.
Further, primary and stand-by systems are located in different
areas of the facility so that an incident which causes primary
system malfunction will not cause stand-by system malfunction. To
accomplish this fail- safe design, each of the functional systems
and subsystems (including components and operating procedures) are
analyzed  in  accordance  with  MIL-STD-882,  System  Safety  Program
Requirements.  Hyperbaric facility managers shall ensure that their
and  the  respective
procedures  meet  t h e
requirements of MIL-STD-882.
Hazard  Categories.
All  systems,  equipments,
components and procedures shall be-evaluated and assigned a hazard
The HAZCAT is based upon the
category (HAZCAT) per MIL-STD-882.
potential hazard to occupants or divers and/or systems associated
with  the  loss  of  pressure  boundary  integrity  and/or  loss  of
It  is  emphasized  that  the  facility
functional  operation.
occupants/divers are the personnel to which this HAZCAT analysis
program is directed.
In the analysis of a
Hazard Category  Criteria.
structural (excessive leak) and/or functional failure of a system,
equipment or component the following hazard category evaluation
criteria is used (Figure 2-1 refers):
a.  HAZCAT I.  Occupant/Diver fatality or injury is probable.
No failure management or maintenance action planned.
Occupant/Diver injury is imminent.
management and maintenance planned and required.
Occupant/Diver  injury  is  not  possible.
Failure management and maintenance planning required to continue
hyperbaric/diving  operations.
Occupant/Diver  injury  is  not  possible.
Failure  management  and  maintenance  planning  not  required  to
continue hyperbaric/diving operations.  Maintenance repairs to be
made at a convenient time.
most  of  the
HAZCAT  Guidelines.
components within a specific system are all the same HAZCAT.  Since
HAZCAT I designation means a malfunction endangers the lives of
occupants/divers  and  no  failure  action  is  planned--  stricter
material  selection  and  control,  fabrication  and  installation
procedures,  quality control and testing is required on HAZCAT I
items.  Likewise, HAZCAT II items have more stringent requirements
than HAZCAT III and HAZCAT IV items.  The following guidelines are
provided to assist in the determination of HAZCAT designations:


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