Quantcast Approval of Maintenance Actions

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Alterations. An alteration is an approved permanent
change from the as-certified design, material, configuration or
performance.  This includes any change which affects the pressure
containing capability of the system and non-physical changes such
as  an  increase  or  decrease  in  the  maximum  allowable  working
Included  under  alterations  are  actions  such  as:
rerouting of piping,  material changes to piping or components,
component additions or deletions, and component replacements which
change performance characteristics.
It is emphasized that alterations require approval from the
NAVFAC SCA prior to making the changes to the facility.  This prior
approval  includes  the  review  of  the  proposed  alteration(s)  to
verify that the submitted drawings and supporting documentation
comply with applicable standards, specifications and authoritative
requirements documents.
Alterations  should  not  be  confused  with  departures  from
specifications.  Departures are temporary approved changes which
do not require the update of associated system documentation and
Alterations  are  permanent  approved  changes  to  the
facility, which do require the update of system documentation and
Overhauls.  Overhaul maintenance consists of those
maintenance actions performed during a designated period, normally
every  three  to  six  years.
During  an  overhaul  period  major
maintenance  actions  a r e  accomplished
such  as:
rebuilding, storage flasks refurbishment/replacement, major piping
system changes, and pressure vessel modifications.  Additionally,
outstanding repair actions,  pending  alterations  and  outstanding
departures  from  specification  may  be  included  in  the  overhaul
"package" depending on available funding.
The major concern of the hyperbaric facility manager, with
respect to an overhaul, will be funding for the maintenance work
to be conducted.  Both O&MN and Special Project Funds are normally
involved, so advanced planning and close liaison with the major
claimant by the command are necessary.
Maintenance  Notification  Approval  Requirements.
This section provides guidance concerning the proper notification
and  subsequent  approval  of  maintenance  performed  on  man-rated
hyperbaric facilities.  Notification and approval is dependent upon
Table  3-1,
the  HAZCAT  of  the  system/component  involved.
Maintenance Notification and Approval Requirements for Man-Rated
Hyperbaric Facilities, shall be complied with if required by the
SCA during certification of the facility.


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