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delineated by OPNAVINST 4790.4A. PMS is an established scheduled
maintenance program which provides detailed maintenance procedures
and  periodicity  of  performance  for  many  of  the  equipments,
components and systems that are found in shore-based hyperbaric
Unscheduled  Maintenance.
Unscheduled  maintenance
is maintenance which is necessitated by equipment, component or
system failure or degradation below acceptable standards/criteria.
Unscheduled maintenance is, therefore, corrective in nature.
For man-rated hyperbaric facilities it is required that all
equipments,  components and systems be analyzed and their hazard
category  (HAZCAT)  identified,  per  the  guidance  in  Chapter  2,
Section 6, prior to the conduct of manned operations.  This HAZCAT
the  planning  and  provisioning  of
Items identified as HAZCAT I do not
unscheduled  maintenance.
require provisions for unscheduled maintenance since their failure
would be, by definition, not repairable without aborting the dive.
HAZCAT II items, those for which failure would endanger the lives
of the occupants/divers, are repairable.
HAZCAT II items shall
have maintenance procedures available to initiate immediate repairs
including the availability of spare parts.
HAZCAT III items are
those which do not endanger the lives of the occupants/divers but
repair in order to continue the dive.
HAZCAT III items require
available  maintenance  procedures  including  the  availability  of
spare  parts,  should  the  command  desire  to  continue  the  dive
profile.  Although the maintenance procedures for HAZCAT II and
HAZCAT III items may be the same as those used for scheduled
maintenance of the same items, the difference is that spare parts
must be physically located at the hyperbaric facility which are
ready for installation and readily accessible.
The primary objective of unscheduled maintenance for man- rate
hyperbaric facilities is to provide for maintenance management and
support  in  a  manner  which  will  ensure  maximum  safety  of  the
operation  of  the  facility.
Therefore, unscheduled maintenance will be established to meet the
following intermediate objectives:
Identification of the HAZCAT for all systems, equipments
and components.
Failure management planning for correction of HAZCAT II
items (HAZCAT III items at command option).
Spare parts provisioning for all HAZCAT II items (HAZCAT
III items at command option).
Scheduled maintenance performance on all spare parts for
HAZCAT II items (HAZCAT III items at command option).


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