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that the system is safe. This involves the consideration and review
o f  the  following:  system  mission;  approved  system  design;
fabrication and assembly procedures and process; quality assurance
procedures and documentation; system testing; system operability;
and system maintenance. since each of these areas of consideration
can be further broken down into several individual events and
procedures, our simple premise evolves into a much more complex and
interrelated process.
The certification process has three basic requirements: (1)
proper use of materials, (2) proper workmanship, and (3) traceable
documentation to validate materials used and work performed. To
assist commands in the pursuit and maintenance of certification,
SS521-AA-MAN-010  provides  a  program  management  procedure  as
Prepare milestone chart.
Develop proposed certification scope.
Collect/maintain data to support system adequacy and
submit for review.
Collect/maintain and verify technical documentation and
submit for review.
Develop and verify OPs, EPs, and system schematic
drawings and submit for review.
Request and schedule a survey by the SCA.
Correct system discrepancies.
A flowchart of these major certification events is provided
as Figure 4-1. Each of these events is addressed in detail below.
The first task facing the
4.2.2 Milestone Event Schedule.
sponsor and command is preparation of a Certification Milestone
Event  Schedule.  The  milestone  schedule  is  a  list  of  all  the
sequential events in the certification process with estimated dates
of completion. A completed Certification Milestone Event Schedule
is shown in Figure 4-2. The sponsor enters completion dates (best
estimate) for the items applicable to his system and forwards it
to the SCA for review. Following approval by the SCA, the sponsor
maintains  the  schedule  to  provide  himself  and  the  SCA  with  a
current  status  of  the  certification  process.  If  changes  are
required, the SCA must be advised to allow adequate time for proper
planning  and  scheduling.  Time
submissions, technical reviews and deficiency corrections should
be considered when preparing the milestone event schedule to assure
a timely completion of the system certification process prior to
the desired certification date.


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