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System Certification Scone.
The next step in the
certification process is the development of a certification scope,
The scope,
or scope of certification (SOC), for the system.
developed by the sponsor and command, is a list of those subsystems
required  to  ensure  the  safety  and  well-being  of  the  system
occupants and divers.  Systems which pertain to diving systems and
hyperbaric complexes are defined in Chapter 2 of SS521-AA-MAN-010.
The scope also includes a list of the operating, emergency,
and maintenance procedures for those subsystems, as well as any
emergency or back-up systems required to rescue and return the
occupants to safety after a noncatastrophic accident.  In addition,
the  scope  should  include  the  criteria  and  justification  for
establishing the limits of the certification scope.
The sponsor
must look at each of the systems within his facility and evaluate
the effects of specific failure which could occur during a mission.
The SCA will provide assistance if the sponsor is not sure whether
a system should be included within the scope.
There is no rigid
format for presenting the scope, however, the SOC usually includes
a  list  of  subsystems with  detailed  descriptions  and  a  system
schematic (or drawings) that clearly show the boundaries of the
system that are within the scope.  The most important consideration
is that the certification scope be clearly and explicitly defined.
The sponsor should submit the scope to the NAVFAC SCA for review
and approval.
Maintenance of Certification Documentation.
the  certification  scope  and  the  PSOB  have  been  approved,  the
sponsor shall assemble the documentation necessary to support the
request for certification or recertification.
contains guidelines as to the documentation required.  However,
there are many diving and chamber systems in service that predate
Many of the components of
the requirements for certification.
these systems have evolved in service and their capabilities and
limitations have not been documented to the extent and in the form
Major concerns with systems of this
required by SS521-AA-MAN-010.
are components presently safe in their intended
nature include:
mode of operation, has component integrity been compromised, have
and  have  the  actual  composite
been  mismatched,
capabilities and limitations been recognized? Documentation which
the sponsor of this type of system should gather to substantiate
these  aims  include  operating  records,  maintenance  records,
data,  reentry
modification records, and repair work documents,  Any documentation
in addition to those listed above that provides information as to
the replacement of components, repair of a component, and the
operating and testing of components/systems should also go into
the sponsor's file of certification documentation.
The sponsors of newly developed and constructed diving and
chamber systems must provide the documentation required by SS521-
This consists of the various design, construction,


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