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Continuance  and  Recertification.
Prior  to  the
expiration  of
certification the
period  of
facility/system certification may be extended or renewed by either
continuance or recertification, as applicable.
Continuance of system certification is the extension by the
SCA  of  the  system  certification  period  beyond  that  initially
granted.  This is normally considered to accommodate continued use
of systems that have had no changes to the basic design, scope of
system certification, or general operating characteristics.  It is
emphasized that continuance of system certification, if desired,
must be requested prior to the expiration date of the current
certification period.
Recertification  is  certification  of  system  adequacy  for  a
facility prior to expiration of the certification tenure.  T h e
applicant shall validate the system scope of certification, provide
recordable evidence as requested by the SCA, and fulfill any other
requirements  deemed  necessary  by  the  NAVFAC  SCA.  Recertified
systems are normally granted a tenure of certification for the same
length of time as the initial certification. It is emphasized that
should a command allow the certification of a facility or system
to naturally expire or be terminated due to the reasons noted in
the previous paragraph then an initial certification of the system
is required.
Such an initial certification is inherently more
difficult than obtaining continuance or recertification.
Sustaining Certification.  Achieving  certification
for a system does not end the process.  The sponsor is responsible
for sustaining the system's certification. The SCA may revoke the
certification  of  the  system  for  failure  to  adhere  to  the
appropriate guidelines.
The sponsor should ensure that he stays
within the certified operational limits of the system and that he
promptly notifies the SCA of any situation that could cause him to
exceed those limits.  The scheduled maintenance developed for the
system  must  be  followed  and  the  maintenance  records  kept
Whenever the sponsor intends to alter or modify the
certified system or the supporting documentation, he must notify
the SCA before taking any action and then send the SCA all the
documentation (e.g., design calculations, drawings, etc.) necessary
to properly evaluate the effects of the proposed alterations. The
SCA must approve specified modifications to certified systems prior
to making the change (Table 3-1 refers).
The SCA must also be
notified when any unsafe or emergency conditions exist that prevent
the sponsor from operating the system within its intended mission
profile,  when  these  conditions  cannot  be  corrected  by  simple
maintenance, repair or "replacement-in-kind" (refer to Appendix G
for  definition)  of  material.  Additionally, the  SCA  must  be
notified  of  contamination  to  any  system  within  the  scope  of
consideration  in
certification is the use of proper repair parts.
The use of an


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