Quantcast Emergency Procedure Development

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(b) Check and record gas/air pressures
(c) Verify gas analysis
(d) Diving equipment pre-dive checks
System Lineup
(a) In a specific order line up system
(b) This is normally a small number of components
(c) Ask specific questions, which when answered, specify
alternative lineups
(d) Verify pressures and component operations
Dive Operation Evolutions
(a) Cover all procedures that could require action/
accomplishment during a dive, such as:
- shifting gas banks
- shifting to standby
System Shutdown
(a) In a specific order, shut down the system
(b) System shutdown should be the condition which:
- leaves the system safe when shut down
- renders the system safe if left shut and other
systems placed on-line
- renders the hyperbaric/diving system (s) safe if the
system is not required and left in a shutdown
format  of
operating  procedures  is  at
However, each OP shall contain a space for the
initials of the person accomplishing each action in the OP, and
signature  of
manager/diving officer indicating that they have reviewed the
OP.  A sample OP is provided as attachment (1) to this appendix.
Emergency Procedure Development.
The  purpose  of  EPs  is  to  provide
guidelines  a n d
instructions  to  operating  personnel  which  will  eliminate
personnel  injury  or  equipment  damage  due  to  abnormal  system
Each EP addresses a specific emergency situation
and identifies the actions required to respond to the situation.
EP corrective actions consist of a sequence of logical
steps to address the casualty.
In general, STEP 1 alerts all
operators  and  divers  of  an  imminent  or  existing  emergency
situation.  STEP 2 takes initial positive actions which will
protect  the  occupants/divers  or  transfer  them  to  a  safe
environment.  Subsequent steps provide for follow-up actions to
control and/or isolate the malfunctioning component, equipment
or system.
Emergency  situations  usually  encountered  can  be


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