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Area: AIR PIPING SYSTEM (Continued)
19. Are relief valves installed so that they cannot be isolated by valves from
the system they are installed to protect? (Except chamber relief valves.)
20. Is the primary air system capable of supporting the maximum number
of divers for the most imposing dive specified in the PSOB? (Pressure
and flow)
21. Is the secondary air system capable of supporting the maximum
number of divers on an emergency ascent assuming worst-case
decompression obligation?
22. Is there a back pressure regulator installed between the compressor
outlet and the accumulator so that the compressor is always working
against a back pressure? U.S. Navy Diving Manual, page 6-57.
23. Are installed high pressure moisture separators within the three-year
hydro test requirements of NSTM 9490.181?
24. Is a hose record log maintained? U.S. Navy Diving Manual, page 6-36.
25. Are filters, moisture separators, check valves, and valves installed so
that the gas flow direction is in the direction of the flow arrows or inlet
and outlet legends marked on the device?


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