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Designer.  The individual or organization responsible for the
final configuration and successful culmination of a design for
a hyperbaric facility, including tests.
The records of objective evidence establishing
the  requisite  quality  of  the  material,  component, or  work
Documentation should be traceable from the item
to the records and filed in an auditable manner.
A sudden unexpected malfunction, or other set of
circumstances  in  the  hyperbaric  facility  operation,  which
requires immediate attention.
Emergency Procedures.  Written procedures used to safely recover
hyperbaric  facility
Equipment  and  Component  Manuals.
manuals for equipments and components.
Field  Calibration  Activity  (FCA).
An  activity  located  at
organizational and intermediate maintenance facilities in which
calibration  is  performed  by  specially
trained  personnel
utilizing NAVFAC approved standards, procedures, and equipment.
The standards used by the FCA are submitted to a higher echelon
laboratory for calibration.
Fire  Resistant.
A  material  that  will  immediately  self-
extinguish when the source of ignition is removed, when tested
in an atmosphere representative of its intended use environment.
Forging.  A component formed by hammering or pressing a piece of
heated metal to form a shape.
That permanently installed part of a hyperbaric
facility which serves exclusively to transmit the weight of the
facility onto natural ground.
Functional Test Plans and Specifications.
The test plan and
functional  tests  of  the
used  to  conduct
hyperbaric facility to demonstrate that it will perform properly
under all designed operating conditions.
Government Furnished and Certified Material or Equipment (GFE or
Material  procured  by  NAVFAC  letter  to  the  original
certifying  activity,  identifying component by serial number,
mold number, etc.
Grade  B  Water.
Filtered  to  25  microns  absolute,  maximum
chloride ion, 1ppm; maximum conductivity, 20 micromhos/cm; pH
less than 8.0; visual clarity; no turbidity, oil or sediment.


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