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Those items required to provide a safe
habitat for all personnel within the chamber and its associated
locks or compartments.
Life Support System.
A system that provides and monitors a
liveable  environment  or  that  provides  a  breathing  mixture
suitable and safe for use by occupants/divers under pressure.
.  Indication greater that 1/16" long, revealed
by non-destructive test inspection, whose length is equal to or
greater than three times its width.
Man-Rated Hyperbaric Facility.  A hyperbaric facility that will
be occupied by men for any reason whatsoever.
The probability (when maintenance action is
initiated under-stated conditions) of restoring a system to the
specified  operational  conditions  within  a  specified total
Maintenance  Procedure.
A  written  procedure  for  conducting
maintenance  which  includes  the  required  materials,  tools,
personnel  qualifications,  technical  references  and  detailed
procedural actions.
Maintenance  System.
A system for scheduling, monitoring and
documenting maintenance actions.
Material Adequacy.  The design of and the materials used in the
hyperbaric facility have been performance tested in accordance
with accepted engineering principles and proved for the safety
of the occupants and operators of the satisfaction of the SCA by
the applicant/sponsor.
Material  Identification  and  Control  (MIC)  Number.
A number
assigned to a certified material which provides traceability to
Objective Quality Evidence.
Maximum Operating Pressure.  The highest pressure that can exist
in a system or subsystem under normal operating conditions.
This  pressure  is  determined  by  such  influences  as  pump  or
component shutoff pressures, pressure regulating valve lockup
(no flow) pressure, and maximum pressure at the system source.
Maximum System Pressure.  Maximum system pressure is the highest
pressure that can exist in a system or subsystem during any
Normal,  abnormal,  and  emergency  operation  and
casualty  conditions  shall  be  considered  in  determining  the
maximum  system  pressure.
In  any  system  with  relief  valve
protection, the nominal setting of the relief valve shall be
taken  as  the  maximum  system  pressure.  (Relief  Valve
accumulation may be ignored.)


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