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TM 5-685/NAVFAC MO-912
d. Exciters are small supplemental generators
g. Switchgear is a cabinet enclosure containing
that provide DC field current for alternating cur-
devices for electric power control and regulation,
rent generators. Either rotating or static-type excit-
and related instrumentation (meters, gauges, and
ers are used.
indicator lights).
e. Voltage regulators are devices that maintain
h. Instrumentation senses, indicates, may record
the terminal voltage of a generator at a predeter-
and may control or modulate plant electrical, ther-
mined value.
mal and mechanical information essential for
f. Transfer switches are used to transfer a load
proper operation. It may also provide an alarm to
from one bus or distribution circuit to another, or to
indicate an unacceptable rate of change, a warning
isolate or connect a load. The rating of the switch or
of unsatisfactory condition, and/or automatic shut-
breaker must have sufficient interrupting capacity
down to prevent damage.
for the service.


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