Quantcast Figure 3-23. Engine combustion liner

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TM 5-685lNAVFAC MO-912
Figure 3-23. Engine combustion liner.
(2) B-Sump. Oil enters the B-sump via a frame
engines, the rearmost nozzle has two heads with
strut and is directed through tubing in the housing
two jets in each head. One set of jets sprays oil on
to the mid-engine bearing oil nozzles. Each nozzle
the bearing. The other set sprays oil on the bearing
has two jets. One jet supplies oil to the bearing and
locknut which causes the oil to spray on the rear
the other jet supplies oil to the carbon seal runner
wall of the C-sump cover and vent collector to cool it
for the bearing.
and reduce coking. The adjacent bearing oil nozzle
(3) C-Sump. Oil enters the C-sump through a
also usually has two heads with two jets in each.
feed tube and is diverted internally through
Two jets direct oil onto the bearing and the others
manifolding and tubing to the oil nozzles. In many
direct oil to the carbon seal runner for the bearing.


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