Quantcast Figure 4-3. Brush-type AC generator field and rotor

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TM 5-685/NAVFAC MO-912
Figure 4-3. Brush-type AC generator field and rotor:
Figure 4-4. AC generator field and rotor with brushless-type excitation system.
tively The two-wire alternator has two power termi-
and 240 volts between the two ends. The load is
nals, one for each end of the armature coil (see fig
connected between the two outside wires or between
either outside wire and neutral, depending upon the
(2) The thre e-wire, single-phase alternator has
voltage required by the load. Assuming alternator
three power terminals; one from each end of the
voltage to be 120/240 volts, load 1,0 and load 2,0
armature coil and one from the midpoint (neutral,
would consist of 120-volt lamps and 120-volt single-
see fig 4-6). Terminal voltage is usually 120 volts
phase power equipment. Load 1,2 would consist of
from the midpoint to either end of the armature coil
240-volt power equipment. Two voltmeters and two


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