Quantcast Operational testing

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TM 5-685/NAVFAC MO-912
b. It is suggested that the manufacturer of the
the electric utility system another method is used.
auxiliary power unit be consulted to determine the
After paralleling, the load on the generator can be
time intervals in which the auxiliary power unit
controlled by adjusting the governor control.
should be exercised and the length of each exercise.
d. In addition to exercising the units, it is also
National and local codes may enter into this consid-
desirable to periodically perform an operational
test. This test is accomplished by opening the cir-
c. The procedures used for exercising the units
cuit breaker from the electric utility and verify-
will also vary from station to station. The most
ing that the necessary relays and contactors ener-
desirable condition is to use the actual load. How-
gize such that the emergency generator breaker
ever, this is not always possible and in these cases a
closes and starts the auxiliary power generating
load bank can be used. A load bank is generally a
system. Performance of the test simulates a loss of
portable set of resistors that allows a generator to
commercial power. The frequency of this test is de-
be tested under load by disconnecting the generator
pendent on the nature of the load, i.e., critical or
from the actual load and connecting it to the load
non critical, but is usually performed on a monthly
bank. In those stations th at permit paralleling with


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