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TM 5-685/NAVFAC MO-912
F-1. Manufacturer's forms.
corrective measures. This data helps determine the
need for further maintenance. Supervisors can de-
Manufacturers provide specific instructions for the
velop a local checklist and use it for inspections not
use and care of their products. Very often these
requiring generator operations. Complete a DD
instructions include forms and log sheets for record
Form 2744 for each scheduled emergency or auxil-
keeping on an hourly or daily basis for continuously
iary generator exercise. When possible, fill out the
operating engines and generators.
forms during unscheduled power outages. During
F-2. DD Form  2744  (Emergency/Auxiliary
extended generator operations, check generators as
Generator Operation log).
frequently as manpower and scheduling permit.
Use DD Form 2744 for inspection testing of
Only one form is necessary for each event. Annotate
emergency/auxiliary generators. Enter readings im-
each check on the back of the form, to assist in
mediately after start and prior to shut-down. If the
troubleshooting if a problem arises between checks.
engine runs more than one hour, record every two
The workcenter should keep completed forms for
hours with a minimum of two readings. Use the
quick reference. If desired, place a second copy on
form to record system performance during inspec-
the unit in a protective cover. The supervisor re-
tion and testing. Record information such as operat-
sponsible for maintaining emergency/auxiliary gen-
ing data, condition of lube oil (viscosity test), condi-
erators and associated equipment must review com-
tion of plant and subsystems, deficiencies and
pleted forms periodically.


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