Quantcast Engine failure and repairs

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TM 5-685/NAVFAC MO-912
necting rod, faulty piston rings or wrist pins, or a
culties originating from by-products or effects of
loose flywheel. Inspect to identify the problem.
the initial failure. Therefore, carefully check all
b. Repairs. Repairs must be prompt and thorough
of the related and resultant functions of the faulty
to restore the engine to serviceable condition as
part or any other component affected by it to make
rapidly as possible. Such repairs normally depend
sure that the engine has been thoroughly restored
on the immediate repair parts inventory but may
to operable condition. For example, if a connect-
also require maximum ingenuity in producing a
ing rod bearing fails, replace the bearing and exam-
useable repair part. Particular attention must
ine the crank journal to see if it has been scored
be given to not only the part which failed, but
or damaged and if all oil passages to the piston
also to all other parts which might be affected
are properly clear. Also, verify that connecting rod
by the failure. Merely replacing an obviously de-
bolts or adjacent main bearings have not been af-
fective part often will lead to a series of diffi-


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