Quantcast Figure 4-9.  Northern Geographical Limits for Termite Damage

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Figure 4-9.  Northern Geographical Limits for Termite Damage.
The northern limit of damage in the United States by
subterranean termites (Line A) ; by dry-wood or non-
subterranean termites (Line B).
U.S. Department of Agriculture)
be replaced with fiberglass or sheet metal fabrications made by a
specialist.  They should be considered only when the replacements
are too high up on the building to be easily seen from the ground
or when the original wooden pieces are too heavy to be safely
supported by the historic structure.
In choosing replacement wood, keep in mind the shape and
character of the original.  Modern standard lumber sizes are
smaller than historic lumber sizes.  Replacement pieces should be
cut to match the old pieces exactly, since even small differences
will be very obvious on the finished job.  If it is not to be
painted, the new wood should match the old wood in species,
grain, and color.  Do not repaint unless you have to.  Clean
before repainting, but do not use water or chemicals on bare
wood .


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