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Figure 4-19.
Filled-in Arch, An Inappropriate Repair.
An original arched window and decorative stone lintel have
been removed, the arch filled, and a modern window installed.
Not just inappropriate, but boring!
Dinu Bumbaru, Heritage Montreal Foundation)
o Use care not to damage the profiles of the moldings with
scraping tools .
Sand carefully so as not to blunt the edges of the
If a heat gun is used, either remove the glass from the
sash or protect it from sudden temperature changes with
gypsum board covered with aluminum foil.
If the damaged areas are large, have replica frames or
sashes custom made to match original the sashes and/or
(See Figure 4-20.)
4.10.3 Metal Windows.  If steel windows are basically sound,
it is often more economical to repair and retrofit them than to
replace them.  Remove light rust, flaking, and excessive paint;
then prime the exposed metal with a rust-inhibiting primer.
Replace cracked or broken glass and glazing compound, replace
missing screws or fasteners, and clean and lubricate hinges.
(See Figure 4-21.)


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