Quantcast Ep oxies (Ep oxy Concretes. Polymer Concretes) Attributes -Cont.

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Materials are flammable and generate heat as they
May be toxic when burned;
Toxic materials require special protection for
operator and adequate ventilation while curing;
Material may be subject to ultra-violet deterioration
unless coated or filters added;
Rigidity of material often must be modified with
fillers to match expansion coefficients;
Vapor impermeable.
o Checklist.
Are historic materials available for molds or for
splicing-in as repair option?
Has the epoxy resin been formulated within the
expansion/contraction coefficients of adjacent
Have samples been matched for color/finish?
Are fabricators/installers experienced?
Is there a sound substrate of material to avoid
deterioration behind new material?
Are there performance standards?


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