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Note:  National Register of Historic Places bulletins detail the
guidelines for evaluating and nominating various types of
potential National Register properties.  You can get the
bulletins from your State Historic Preservation Office.  Other
NPS publications can be obtained from the U.S. Government
Printing Office in Washington.
A Pr imer: Pres ervation for the Pro perty Owner , The Preservation
League of New York State, Inc., Albany, N.Y., 35 pp.
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Fact Sheet, Section 106
Participation by Indian Tribes and Other Native Americans,
Washington, D.C., ACHP, 1990.
Aldrich, Jr., Dr. Harl P., "Preserving the Foundations of Older
Buildings, " Technology & Conservation, Summer 1979.
Amburgey, Terry L., Annotated Bibliography on Prevention and
Control of Decay in Wooden Structures, Gulfport: USDA
Southern Forest Experiment Station, 1971.
American Association for State and Local History, Nashville,
Technical Leaflet No. 15, Paint Color Research and
Restoration, 23 No. 10, 1968.
Technical Leaflet No. 77, Wood Deterioration: Causes.
Detection , and Prevention, 29 No. 8, 1974.
- Technical Leaflet No. 81, Restoring Brick and Stone, 30
No. 1, 1975.
- Nail Chronology as an Aid to Dating Old Buildings,
Technical Leaflet Series, No. 48, 1968.
Anderson, Richard K., Jr., "Guidelines for Recording Historic
Ships'" Historic American Buildings Survey/ Historic American
Engineering Record, National Park Service, Washington, D.C.,
APT Bulletin, Association for Preservation Technology, Box 8178,
Fredericksburg, Virginia, 22404.  Quarterly.
Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board.
Minimum Guidelines and Requirements for Accessible Design;
final rule. Federal Register. 46 no. 11 (Friday, January 16,
1981): pp. 4270-4304.


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