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Preservation.  The process of taking the necessary actions to
prevent deterioration of historic structures.
Programmatic Agreement (PA)
A written agreement among the Navy,
the SHPO, and the ACHP that streamlines Section 106 review
consultations.  A PA stipulates how an entire program or class of
undertakings repetitive in nature or similar in effect will be
carried out so as to avoid or mitigate adverse effects on
National Register resources.  A PA permits the installation to
proceed with certain classes of undertakings, provided that the
National Register resources management strategies or other
specified treatments are followed and any adverse effects are
Recordation.  Drawings, photographs, and other formats
permanently recording resources which must be destroyed or
substantially altered.
Rehabilitation.  The process of returning a property to a state
of usefulness, through repair or alteration, which makes possible
an efficient contemporary use while preserving those portions and
features of the property which are significant to its historic,
architectural, and cultural values.
Restoration.  The act of returning a resource to the exact
condition that it had at a specific time in history.
Significance.  The attributes or characteristics of a resource
that make it valuable and eligible for the National Register of
Historic Places.  Significance in a Navy resource is evaluated
using the National Register Criteria for Evaluation (36 CFR 60.4)
and any relevant historic contexts that have been developed for
the installation.
Site.  The location of a human event, prehistoric or historic
occupation or activity, or structure.  Examples of sites include
battlefields, American Indian burial sites, and the location of
demolished Navy buildings.
State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO).  The official
appointed by each Governor to administer the state historic
preservation program.  This includes cooperating with Federal
agencies to develop a comprehensive statewide inventory of
historic properties and providing advice and assistance to
Federal agencies in carrying out their preservation
Structure.  A functional construction for purposes other than
shelter, such as bridges or tunnels.
Treatment.  The way an installation maintains, repairs, uses,
protects, excavates, documents, or alters a cultural resource.


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