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Standards for Historic Presentation Projects.
Each set of standards is accompanied by guidelines for
C.3.2 Secretary of the Interior's Standards for
Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic
Buildings.  The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for
Rehabilitation (36 CFR 67) define "rehabilitation" as "the
process of returning a property to a state of utility, through
repair or alteration, which makes possible an efficient
contemporary use while preserving those portions and features of
the property which are significant to its historic,
architectural, and cultural values."  The ten standards and the
guidelines developed by the National Park Service for
administering them are stated in broad terms; however, their
application often calls for very specific skills and knowledge.
The Standards for Rehabilitation are as follows:
Every reasonable effort shall be made to provide a
compatible use for a property which requires minimal
alteration of the building, structure, or site and its
environment, or to use a property for its originally
intended purpose.
The distinguishing original qualities or character of a
building, structure, or site and its environment shall
not be destroyed.  The removal or alteration of any
historic material or distinctive architectural features
shall be avoided when possible.
All buildings, structures, and sites shall be recognized
as products of their own time.  Alterations that have no
historic basis and which seek to create an earlier
appearance shall be discouraged.
Changes which may have taken place in the course of time
are evidence of the history and development of a
building, structure, or site and its environment.  These
changes may have acquired significance in their own
right, and this significance shall be recognized and
Distinctive stylistic features or examples of skilled
craftsmanship which characterize a building, structure,
or site shall be treated with sensitivity.
Deteriorated architectural features shall be repaired
rather than replaced wherever possible.  In the event
replacement is necessary, the new material should match
the material being replaced in composition, design,
color, texture, and other visual qualities.  Repair or
replacement of missing architectural features should be
based on accurate duplication of features, substantiated
by historic, physical, or pictorial evidence rather than


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