Quantcast Special Ship-to-Ship Connections

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Surface Ship Sewage Discharge Connection
C.  Special Ship-to-Ship Connections.  In nested ship configurations,
ship-to-ship connections require hoses with either female fittings at both
ends or with female/female adapters fitted to ship riser discharge connections.
Extra hose couplings are supplied with each sewage hose delivery so that some
hoses can be made up with female couplings at both ends. In addition, because
distances between ships in a nested configuration are normally short, there
may be a need to make up hoses in less than the standard 50-foot length. The
standard hose with male and female couplings at opposite ends can be used in
ship-to-ship connections. When the standard hose is used, a special female/
female cam-lock adapter is required for the inboard ship. The 4-inch cam-lock,
quick connect/disconnect fitting is recommended (see Figure 3-5).


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