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c. Use of the 90-degree Elbow.  Because of the location of the deck con-
nections, many of the submarines will require 90-degree adapters in order to
prevent the hose from kinking.  This adapter is similar to the 4-inch,
90-degree elbow used by surface ships, but is smaller. It is a 2 l/2-inch,
cam-lock quick connect/disconnect, male/female, 90-degree elbow and is illus-
trated in Figure 3-6.
3.2.4 SERVICE CRAFT/SMALL BOATS.  Most U.S. Navy service craft and boats are
being equipped with marine sanitation devices (MSD's) or CHT systems.
a.  Service Craft/Small Boat Connections.  To discharge these systems,
the vessels are being fitted with 1 l/2-inch, flush-mounted, threaded, deck
discharge connections.  Discharge to shoreside pier lines will be accomplished
through 1 l/2-inch cam-lock hose.  A 1 l/2-inch, threaded male to 1 l/2-inch,
male cam-lock adapter is used to connect the hose to the vessel.  An additional
1 l/2-inch, female cam-lock to 4-inch, male cam-lock adapter is required to
mate the hose to the pier sewage risers.  Service craft and small boat dis-
charge connections, adapters, and hoses are illustrated in Figure 3-12.
b.  Flushing Pipes and Hoses. After the sewage is discharged to the shore
facility, it is necessary to flush the associated tank, piping, and discharge
hoses prior to disconnecting from the deck discharge connection. Some of the
vessels have the capability of generating their own flush water, but many of
the smaller boats lack the necessary equipment.  Boats that cannot generate
their own flush water will be equipped with a 1 l/4-inch, threaded deck con-
nection and internal piping to enable them to receive flush water from shore.
Flush water will be transferred from the shore through 1 l/2-inch fire hoses.
A special 1 l/4-inch to 1 l/2-inch, flush water connection adapter is required
to mate the fire hose to the deck-flushing connection.  This adapter, illus-
trated in Figure 3-13, has a 1 l/4-inch, threaded male end which attaches to
the deck-flushing connection and a 1 l/2-inch, fire hose threaded female cou-
pling which connects to the 1 l/2-inch fire hose brought from shore.


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