Quantcast Figure 3-14. Hose Washing Rack

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(1) Hose Washing Rack.  The hose washing rack is equipped with a
drain to the sanitary sewer (see Figure 3-14). Individual hoses can be con-
nected to the drain by means of a manifold adjacent to the inlet manifold.
Pairs of hoses can be linked by U-bends and adapters at the far end of the
rack for return flow.  Figure 3-15 illustrates the makeup of typical wash
rack inlet and outlet manifolds.
(2) Hose Cleaning Apron.  A cleaning apron is used for exactly
the same purpose as a cleaning rack.  It differs from a rack in that it con-
sists of a concrete slab at ground level, measuring just over 50 feet long
by 5 feet wide.  It is sloped slightly to drain at one end.  The apron is
equipped with a similar fresh or salt water supply, means of cleaning, and
sanitary sewer connection.  The apron is provided with curbing to prevent
the escape of wash water to the surrounding area.  Use of the washing apron
requires the shore crew to work at ground level, while the washing rack per-
mits them to work at waist level during the cleaning operation.  Figure 3-16
is a view of one configuration of hose washing apron.
Hose Washing Rack


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