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Only two pallets of coiled rubber hose should be carried in the bed of
the transport vehicle.
(2) Noncollapsible Hoses.  The following mechanized loading pro-
cedure applies only to 50-foot lengths of reinforced? noncollapsible sewage
hoses stored on a rack with shelves.
(a) A forklift having a vertical reach of at least 10 feet
is brought to the rack.  The forklift is raised to the elevation of the hose
support bar of the storage rack.  One tine of the fork is slipped inside the
first coil of hose on the rack.  The fork is elevated slightly, raising the
coil of hose off the support bar of the rack.  The forklift vehicle is then
backed away from the rack, carrying the coil with it.
(b) The forklift carries the coil to the tailgate of the
transport vehicle.  The coil, in a vertical position, is then lowered to the
tailgate of the vehicle.  The coil should be supported in the vertical posi-
tion. The two-man shore crew enters the bed of the vehicle and slides the
hose off the fork.
(c) The coil is rotated from the vertical to the horizontal
position toward the cab of the vehicle.  The two-man shore crew elevates the
side of the coil nearest the tailgate, flipping the entire coil end-over-end,
until it comes to rest in the vertical position against the cab of the
(d) The forklift then proceeds to the rack and obtains
another coil in the manner described above.  The second coil is placed aboard
the truck in the manner described above.  The steps are repeated until a
standard half-ton pickup truck with a 6-foot bed has four 50-foot coils of
noncollapsible sewage hose aboard, in the vertical position.  A half-ton
pickup truck with an 8-foot bed may carry five 50-foot coils of noncollaps-
ible sewage hose.
(e) The forklift also may be used to carry two coils of hose
at a time, cutting down the number of trips it makes to the rack.
(f) The 50-foot coils of noncollapsible sewage hose may be
carried as separate coils, or they may be linked together by means of their
fittings when in the transport vehicle.  With the latter method, a continuous
line of hose may be fed from the transport vehicle to the ship.


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