Quantcast Chapter 6. Ship to Shore Connection

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6.1.1 VESSELS AGAINST PIER.  For proper disposal of sewage when a vessel is
alongside a pier, CHT systems aboard ship are connected to the pier sewer
systems by means of ship-to-shore sewage hoses.  The ship-to-shore sewage
hoses extend from risers on the weather deck of the ship that is against the
pier to risers on the pier sewer.  Each pier riser contains from one to six
valves in manifold; the valves are equipped with quick-connection cam-lock
female fittings. These fittings will take 4-inch male cam-lock hose
fittings. Adapters are available for connecting 2 l/2-inch sewage hoses.
6.1.2 PROCEDURE.  Normally, sewage hose is not carried aboard ship.  Sewage
hoses are stored ashore in a special storage area away from the pier. At
the time of arrival of a ship, a shore hose handling crew will be ready on
the pier to deliver the proper amount of clean sewage hoses.  Requests for
this service are made through the same channel as for other utilities


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