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Section 3.
6.3.1 SHIP AND SHORE CREW TASKS.  Usually, a two-man hose handling crew
will be sufficient aboard a submarine.  The following steps are followed
after tie-up:
a.  The submarine's hose handling crew proceeds to the side of the boat
against the pier and heaves a line to the shore crew waiting on the pier.
b.  The shore crew attaches the heaving line to the female end of the
first 50-foot length of submarine sewage hose on the pier.
c. The boat's crew begins to haul the initial 50-foot length aboard.
d.  As the hose is hauled from the pier onto the deck of the submarine,
the shore crew connects additional 50-foot lengths to the initial length
until there are enough hoses to reach from the pier riser to the sewage
riser on the submarine in a continuous line.
e.  The sewage hose then is connected to the sewage discharge riser on
the boat.
f.  The pier end of the hose is connected to the pier sewer riser by
the shore crew, using a 4-inch to 2 l/2-inch adapter, and the hose is
arranged smartly across the deck of the boat without kinks.
g.  Each additional sewage riser on the submarine is connected to the
pier sewer in the same manner, through its own hose line.
h.  Pier sewer risers are opened by the shore crew first, and then
sewage discharge risers on the submarine are opened by the boat crew.


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