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Section 3.
7.3.1 SHORE FURNISHED HOSES.  Submarines do not have ship-to-ship connec-
tions as surface vessels do.  Nested submarines must connect to the tender
or pier sewer for disposal of sewage in port.  This is done by following a
somewhat different procedure from that outlined above for surface vessels.
The differences are due to the size of the hose used, the configuration and
size of the submarine, and the lack of "pump-thru" capability by submarines.
The light weight of the 2 l/2-inch sewage hose used for submarines, the
low silhouette of submarines, and their uncluttered decks contribute to the
ease of handling of the hoses.  On the other hand, since each unit in a
nested group of submarines must be attached to the tender or pier sewer by
its own set of hoses, longer hose lengths must be used.
7.3.2 SUBMARINE NESTED AGAINST PIER.  Figure 7-4 illustrates the hose con-
figuration used when submarines are nested directly against a pier. Figure
7-5 shows the hose configuration when submarines are nested against a tender.
Nested Submarines Direct Connections to
Pier Sewer - Hose Configuration


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