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Section 2.
Sewage spills on the pier are caused by the following;
8.2.1 CAUSES.
a. Opening the ship's discharge riser prematurely during hose connec-
tion steps.
b.  Closing the ship's discharge riser late or incompletely during hose
connection steps.
c. Disconnecting the hose from a pier riser before the hose has drained
d.  Laying the ship's end of a hose which has not been drained com-
e. Disconnecting the hoses by unauthorized parties at pier riser during
Failure of fittings during sewage transfer.
Failure of hoses during sewage transfer.
h.  Dripping from inadequately supported hose fitting at pier riser
during sewage transfer.  This problem is not as serious as a fitting or hose
8.2.2 REMEDIAL ACTION.  Because sewage is a health hazard, sewage spills
must be given immediate attention as soon as they are detected.  The spill
area should be closed off immediately to personnel other than those directly
involved in corrective action.  The cause of the spill should be determined
and steps should be taken to stop it.  If necessary, defective hoses are
disconnected and replaced with hoses in good condition.
Pier sewage spills shall be flushed into the harbor with a high flow of
salt water from the pier salt water riser.  Disinfection of the spill area
is optional.  The recommended disinfectant for spills on a pier is the
standard Navy stock item, dry phenolic compound.  The use of chlorine HTH,
dry for pier spill cleanup is not recommended because of the explosive hazard
involved if the material comes in contact with oils and/or fuel on the pier.
Disinfectant, germicidal and fungicidal concentrate (phenolic, dry tape),
stock no. 6040-00-753-4797 comes in l-ounce pouches; use per the instruc-
tions on the pouch.
The following steps are taken in the event of a
sewage spill on the pier:
a.  If the shore crew is absent when a spill is detected, the discharg-
ing ship shall promptly contact the shore support duty deck to report the
spill, giving the name of the ship and its berthing location; the Regional
Environmental Health Officer also shall be notified.


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