Quantcast Power-assisted Unloading of Hoses To Be Washed

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hose washing apron, with the side of the reel facing the end of the rack or
(2) The outside end of the collapsible or noncollapsible rubber
hose on the reel is untied, and the reel is rotated slowly under power to
begin paying out the first length of hose; one member of the shore crew
operates the reel.
(3) The other member of the shore crew grasps the female fitting
of the first hose length as soon as it comes within his reach; then he walks
away from the reel as it pays out hose, pulling the first length of hose
behind him in a straight line adjacent to the washing rack or on the washing
(4) When the coupling between the first and second sections of
hose is off the reel and about 1 foot from the ground, the reel is stopped.
The reel operator uncouples the two sections of hose and places the male
fitting carefully on the ground.  Then he assists the man at the head of the
hose in pulling the hose length into the desired position.
(5) Both men return to the reel, and the next section of hose is
removed, repeating the same steps that were used to unload the first section;
at the conclusion of the operation, the second section of hose forms a
straight line adjacent to the first section.
(6) The above steps are repeated until all lengths of hose have
been unloaded from the reel and are laying in straight lines adjacent to the
wash rack or on the washing apron.
In some instances, coils of collapsible or noncollapsible rubber sewage
hoses will be carried on pallets in the bed of the transport vehicle. When
the pallets of rubber hose coils are returned to the washing/storage area
after use, each pallet of hoses may be unloaded from the transport vehicle
with a forklift.  The forklift is used to place the pallets on the ground
adjacent to one end of the wash rack or wash apron.  Each coil is lifted
from the pallet by the two-man shore crew, set on edge, unrolled, and


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