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Section 2. HOSE REPAIR
11.2.1 SPARE PARTS AND TOOLS. For maintenance and repair of sewage hoses,
a minimum of the following materials should be kept in inventory:
Spare Parts
1 l/2-inch, 2 l/2-inch, and 4-inch, Male CamLock Hose Fittings
1 l/2-inch, 2 l/2-inch, and 4-inch, Female Cam-Lock Hose Fittings
Levers or "Ears" for Female Cam-Lock Hose Fittings
Stainless Steel Band-It Hose Bands with Buckles
Stainless Steel Band-It Hose Banding Tape, 1.27 mm
Buckles 1.27 mm Stainless Steel
1 l/2-inch, 2 l/2-inch, and 4-inch Rubber Hoses, Collapsible and
Gaskets, Rubber, 1 1/2 inch, 2 1/2 inch, and 4-inch Cam-Lock
Hose, Banding Machine, Band-It, Air Operated, or
Hose, Banding Machine, Band-It, Hand Operated
Band Cutter
Ten Point Hand Saw
Work Bench
Two 6-inch Pipe Vises, About 6-feet Apart Attached to Work Bench
Rubber Mallet
Ball Peen Hammer
Hot Water Bath:  12-inch Diameter x 12-inch Deep, Two Snips, Sharp
Knife, Tongs, Small Pry Bar
Mandrel (for re-shaping connectors? as shown in Figure C-l,
Appendix C)
11.2.2 REPAIR OF HOSES.  Because of the problem of transporting bulky,
4-inch, reinforced plastic sewage hoses, it is desirable that the hose main-
tenance and repair shop be located at or close to a hose cleaning station.
The hose repair facility may be located in the open or inside a well-lighted
building.  Most of the maintenance work consists of removing and replacing
damaged fittings, removing and discarding worn or damaged hose sections,
tightening fittings, replacing "ears," and replacing gaskets.  Leaky or
split hoses should not be patched, as patching is a temporary expedient, and
could lead to additional sewage spill problems.  Leaky or split sections
should be cut from the hoses; if the remaining hose lengths are long enough
to make their continued use practical, fittings should be attached, and the
shorter lengths returned to service.  Figure 11-1 shows hose repair proce-
The female cam-lock hose fitting sometimes gets out of round when drop-
ped or banged against a ship's hull or a pier curb. A very small distortion
of this fitting will prevent a connection with the other hoses or risers. A


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