Quantcast Figure 11-2. Work Bench Arranged for Cutting Hoses

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j.  After the assembled hose and fitting have cooled, the stainless
steel bands are slipped along the body of the hose into place over the shank.
The end of the hose is lifted and carried to the air operated banding
machine on the workshop bench, where the bands are pulled tight and secured
in place.
k.  If an air operated banding machine is not available, a hand operated
banding machine with stainless steel banding tape is brought to the end of
the hose.  The end of the hose and fitting are elevated slightly above the
deck onto a low work bench. Two stainless steel bands are applied and
secured by hand, using the manual banding machine; generally, the air oper-
ated banding machine will do a better job.
1.  If it is desirable to install a new fitting at the opposite end of
the hose, the above steps may be repeated, using the opposite fitting; a new
gasket should be placed inside the female hose fitting.
m.  Before the hose length is removed for storage and use', it should be
inspected carefully, then placed on the wash rack and tested for leaks at a
hydrostatic pressure of 80 psi.
Work Bench Arranged for Cutting Hoses


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