Quantcast Figure A-1. Sewage Hose Disinfection Procedures

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Chlorine Solution Mixing
Two Hoses Connected on Rack
for Disinfection
Two Sewage Hoses on
Hoses Connected to Manifold
Washing Apron
on Washing Apron
Sewage Hose Disinfection Procedures
end of the next section of hose near the rack, attach it to the other side
of the U-bend and proceed back along the rack in the opposite direction,
lifting that length of hose and adjusting it in place; when the second
length of hose is completely upon the rack, it is attached to the outlet
manifold at the head end of the rack, forming a continuous loop of two
50-foot lengths on the rack.  The steps are repeated until the capacity, of
the rack is reached or until all connections have been made to the inlet and
outlet manifolds.


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