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is "under warranty".  There is an attitude that the
manufacturer is responsible to take care of this equipment
during the first year of operation. Therefore, it is
recommended that at least one mechanic be permanently
assigned to the plating shop for preventive maintenance and
repair.  Also, the platers should do some of the simple
maintenance tasks during low production times.
Because of recent major advances made in outfitting of
electroplating shops and because of these shops handling
hazardous and toxic materials to some very strict new
regulations, "old" plating shops should not be upgraded.
They should be replaced instead with new state-of-the-art
For future plating shops, the type of air pollution control
equipment and the degree of air pollution control must be
addressed by the Navy.  Since federal and state regulations
do not address specific emissions limits for plating shops,
the navy must direct the design engineer as to the level of
control.  NAVENENVSA Code 111C has recent stack tests from
Long Beach Shipyard plating shop, which will help with
identification of the quantity and quality of air emissions
to decide the level of air pollution control for specific
plating lines.
Conclusion:  It is evident from the above that the acquisition of
Industrial Waste Control Facilities and Electroplating Facilities has been
a difficult process.  To improve our record, the following is recommended:
Follow the Guidelines for Industrial Facilities Projects of:
Consider innovative acquisition routes, such as:
Design, build and operate by contract.
Request technical proposals from highly qualified firms.
Accept bids only from those firms which submitted approved
Consider all the lessons learned, as summarized here.
Use the revised DM 5.8.
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