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Observing and assisting the construction contractor in
initial start-up for testing of the entire system, and
providing necessary consultation to operating
personnel for 90 days after completion of start-up and
testing.  This 90 day period applies to all projects
except industrial waste treatment plants. (See
paragraph I.l. for such plants)
Assisting the activity in the selection of
qualifications/numbers of operators, providing
training, and assisting the activity with ordering
initial stock of spare parts and chemicals.
The EFD construction support tasks will include:
Assisting with construction.
(1) The project team will be provided documentation
on all significant process and engineering
changes and will be available for consultation.
(2) The project team will assist the ROICC with
setting up component testing during construction.
(3) The project team will consult with NAVFACENGCOMHQ
Code 051 on changes with significant cost impact.
Assisting with final inspection, and plant start-up
using actual flows.
1.  Because of the complexity of the equipment, instrumentation
and control systems, the IWT plants will be operated by the construction
contractor personnel during a one year (365 days) shake-down period after
the Beneficial Occupancy Date (BOD).  The operation of these facilities
will include all of the following:
Setting up a Records Management System to handle
records related to process control, effluent quality
monitoring, reporting requirements, inventories for
chemical supplies and spare parts, etc.
Setting up a Maintenance Management System, including
schedules and procedures for routine adjustments,
filter changes, and other preventive and corrective
maintenance procedures as well as a spare parts
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