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Setting up Laboratory Test Procedures and Schedules
necessary to control the treatment works and comply
with local, state and federal regulatory agency
reporting requirements.
2.  The contractor, after consultation with the design A/E, will
make all routine adjustments and modifications necessary to make the
plant operational.  All changes will be documented and made available to
the design A/E.
3.  The contract for this one-year operation period will
normally be bid as a portion of, or an option to, the construction
contract, but is to be funded by activity O&M,N or NIF funds, as
1.  The operation of industrial facilities which generate or
treat controlled wastes shall be monitored for the following:
To insure proper operation.
To gather data to satisfy control agencies as to
compliance with requirements.
To gather backup data to be used with performance
certification of a treatment plant.
To collect information which forms the basis for
future improvements/additions to the industrial shop
or treatment plant.
To validate/revise design criteria.
2.  Certain industrial facilities require monitoring to comply
with pretreatment standards if discharging to publicly-owned treatment
3.  During the first year of operation, (the shake-down period),
the cognizint EFD (Code 114) should request summaries of the operational
problems and remedial actions taken at the industrial facility along with
the monthly submittal of sampling and analysis data required by the local
regulatory authorities.  This information will assist the EFD in
providing corrective actions, if required, and will also help
NAVFACENGCOMHQ during a post-occupancy evaluation.
1.  In case of an Industrial Waste Treatment (IWT) plant,
instead of the 90-day period for providing consultation to operating
personnel, the design A/E shall provide observation and consultation to
plant operating personnel for 365 days after the BOD. After the 365
days, the A/E shall:
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