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a. Repair Criteria
(1) Repair Time -- a maximum downtime of 4 hours is allowable. This does not
include time required for fire suppression, debris removal, ordnance disposal, or excavation.
(2) Operational Life -- repairs must last 30 days.
(3) Resumption of Services -- repairs must provide an 80 percent resumption of
services. Repairs are to be performed by NCF or station forces.
(4) Repair Technology -- repairs are centered on commercial, off-the-shelf,
nondevelopmental technology.
(5) Accentable Leakage -- the acceptable leakage for water, sewer, and steam is
20 percent, and for POL is 0 percent.
b. Coupler Description. Couplers are simple mechanical clamps made of stainless steel
and ductile iron designed primarily to repair damaged utility pipe lines in the field using a
minimal amount of equipment, manpower, and repair time. Repairs can be made in or out of
water and above or below ground. Damage repairable by couplers may range from pipe pin
holes to full pipe breaks. Damage is assumed to be caused by hostile action, although couplers
can be used to repair damage caused by natural causes. Figure 2-l shows an in-crater repair,
using couplers.
This publication refers to two styles of couplers: Full Circle (open side) and Closed
Circle (closed side). A description of each follows.
(1) The Full Circle (open side) couplers are the most preferable and are
recommended to repair water, sewer, and POL lines. A full circle coupler is fast and simple
to install. The coupler is wrapped around the pipe, properly positioned over the area to be
repaired or connected, and the bolts tightened. This compacts the rubber gasket tightly against
the full circumference of the pipe wall, to form a leak resistant seal. Figure 2-2 shows a Full
Circle (open side) coupler.
(2) The Closed Circle (closed side) coupler is used for steam applications. Pipe
ends are pushed into the coupler. As the coupler bolts are tightened the gaskets in the coupler
compress to form a leak resistant seal. Figure 2-3 shows a Closed Circle (closed side) coupler.
c. Advantages and Disadvantages of Coupler Technology. Couplers have been used
commercially for years and are readily available for procurement. Couplers offer speedy, easy
installation with a minimal amount of required tools, provide permanent repairs, and are
generally leak proof.


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