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unloading stations.
Pipelines employ coupler or flange fittings to join steel pipes. Piping material used in
the distribution lines are made of lightweight steel. The pipe is strong enough to withstand
average line and surge pressures of 300 psi. The pipelines are either above or below ground and
are usually welded.  Piping manifold, valves, and distribution branches are usually installed
above ground. If installed below ground, piping manifold and valves are enclosed in a pit. The
most common sizes of steel pipes used range from 3 inches to 12 inches. Larger sizes of 14
inches to 24 inches are used in Navy shore facilities that have major POL terminal facilities.
b. Nonrepairable Components. Pumping and transfer stations, storage and dispensing
tanks, and manifolds are generally considered nonrepairable due to the 4-hour time limitation.
Valves and fittings are nonrepairable in the field. They should be replaced when damaged. A
complete expedient ABFC-type stand-alone facility is available for use as a substitute system (see
chapter 4).
c. Repairable Components. Damaged pipelines are repairable. Damaged submarine
pipelines can be restored back to service by a SCUBA diving repair team. Trunk or main lines,
whether below or above ground, can be repaired with couplers.
a. Description. The main steam distribution lines are made of steel pipes and range in
size from 1 inch to 10 inches. The main condensate lines, either gravity type, pumped type, or
the counterflow type, are also made of steel and range in size from 1 inch to 8 inches.
b. Nonrepairable Components. When a steam plant facility is severely damaged, it
should be abandoned.
c. Repairable Components. Main distribution lines are repairable within the 4-hour
period using coupler technology.  Damaged steam plant components can be repaired by
replacement. The steam plant component parts are as follows:
(1) Boiler -- replaceable with packed type
(2) Boiler Feed Pumps -- replaceable
(3) Feed Water Heater -- replaceable
(4) Condensate Receiver Tank/Pump -- replaceable
(5) Steam Header -- replaceable
(6) Valves and Fittings -- replaceable
(7) Manholes -- replaceable


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