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a. Damage Assessment. Before damage repair is started the following considerations
should be addressed:
(1) Determine if the damaged line is vital to mission support.
(2) Establish a repair priority if more than one line is damaged.
(3) Determine if the distribution line can be shut off, plugged, and abandoned.
(4) Determine if debris removal and ordnance disposal is required.
(5) Determine what safety issues need to be addressed.
(6) Determine what personnel, tools, and equipment are required for repairs.
b. Repair Materials.  A variety of pipe sizes is used in the field. Steel is the
predominant material used for steam applications. Dresser Model 38 Coupler with a high
temperature non-asbestos gasket for steam is recommended to repair steam pipes in sizes that
range from 2 inches to 24 inches. Smaller sections than 2 inches are not considered vital to
mission support. Sizes to 30 inches are available. Dresser couplers can be used where pipe
ends are deflected up to 4 degrees or offset 1/8 inch. The shelf life of the gasket is 5 plus
years. The coupler can also join pipes with a variation of 1/4 inch outside diameter. This
tolerance can eliminate or substantially reduce problems associated with pipes that have different
nominal standards. See table 4-3 for recommended torque for couplers. See table 5-4 for
procurement information. There are no Rockwell products for steam application.
As Dresser couplers are made for a certain size application, it is necessary to have on
hand couplers in every size likely to be encountered in the field. Individual commands can
assess their own utility systems and stockpile what is deemed appropriate.
As couplers are designed to be used with hardwall pipe, it is also necessary to have pipe
material on hand to be used for replacement. As in the case of couplers, individual commands
can assess their utility systems and stockpile what is deemed appropriate. Each command may
procure pipe material similar to what is used.


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