Quantcast Table 4-3. Recommended Torque for Couplers

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TABLE 4-3. Recommended Torque for Couplers
Dresser Model 360
Dresser Model 38
3/8 inch and 1/2 inch bolts
5/8 inch bolts
3/4 inch bolts
Rockwell Model 225
Pipes 1 inch to 4.73 inches
Pipes above 4.73 inches
c. General Tools and Equipment. See appendix B.
d. Repair Consumables. See appendix C.
e. Site Preparation. Before damage repair is started prepare the area as follows:
(1) Ensure ordnance has been cleared from area.
(2) Shut off steam supply.
(3) For below ground repairs remove standing water as required, so that damaged
piping is exposed to the extent possible so that preliminary damage assessment can be
(4) For below ground repairs remove debris and excavate until damaged pipe
section is fully exposed and secondary damage assessment can be performed. Continue to
excavate around the damaged piping until undamaged pipe sections are found. The pipe sections
must be round and in close alignment.
f. Installation. See appendix D. For steamline applications, the pipe ends must be
pushed into the closed circle coupler.
g. Safety Precautions. Normal safety practices associated with steam repair work
should be followed. Upon completion of temporary repairs of underground utilities, the trench
should be covered with plywood or steel matting until permanent repairs are made.


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