Quantcast Electric Utility System -Cont.

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Caution should be used whenever approaching falling power lines. All power
lines should be considered hot until properly tested and properly grounded.
(2) End User. Normally it is not necessary to determine who is the end user,
as they will have already notified the power plant that they are without power. But, should it
be required to secure a section of line in order to make necessary repairs, it becomes necessary
to identify and inform those users who will be shut down, prior to performing such functions.
c. Repair Materials. Materials for electrical distribution repair differ very little from
one manufacturer to another. Listed below are some trade names for both overhead and
underground repairs.  Splicing sleeves, crimp sleeves, or nicopress are the most common,
followed by automatic compression fittings and bolt-on-/split-bolt-type connectors. In
underground splicing several insulating and sealing materials will be required. Lists of these
have not been provided as they vary with the type of cable insulation and should be already on
station for normal repair functions. Major manufacturers and distributors are:
Joslyn Manufacturing and Supply Company
Reliable Electric and Utility Products
Burndy Company
d.  Repair Equipment.  Equipment requirements vary with the type of work.
Underground work requires earth moving equipment, wire pulling equipment, reel trailers, and
lighting plants if in hours of darkness. Overhead work could require pole trucks, auger trucks,
line maintenance trucks, cranes, bucket trucks, cable trailers, and light plants.
e. Repair Tools. Tools are inclusive of all normal line construction and maintenance
tools, along with a variety of other tools such as: shovels, pikes, cant hooks, pole carriers,
slings, block and tackles, come-a-longs, megohm tester, hi-pot testers, tone detectors, hot line
tools, and crimping tools (normally designed for a specific type or style of crimping devise).
f. Repair Consumables. The following is a list of items likely to be consumed during
expedient repair:
(7) Capacitors
(1) Conductors and wires
(8) Lighting arrestors
(9) Switches
(3) Hardware (nuts, bolts,
(10) Poles
washers, supports)
(11) Crossarms
(4) Fuses
(12) Splicing materials
(5) Connectors
(tape, sealing compound)


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