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g. Site Preparation. Upon arrival of work crews:
(1) Ensure all crew members are informed on scope of work to be performed;
(2) Determine what materials will be needed to make necessary repairs;
(3) Ensure that the area has been cleared of all ordnance and debris in the
immediate work area;
(4) For underground work, excavate and verify other utilities which could be
(5) Secure power to the section of line that will be worked on;
(6) Ensure that all necessary tools and equipment needed are on
site or in route; and
(7) Lay out materials and hand tools as required to complete task.
h. Installation. Overhead installation begins once power has been secured, ordnance
has been cleared, and debris has been removed. Repair or replace damaged hardware only to
the extent necessary to safely support the restoration of power cables. Damaged cables are cut,
spliced, and replaced on insulators. Jumpers are installed where required. When a section of
line is beyond timely repair, jumpers and taps to other utility lines are used to whatever extent
possible, and includes the use of portable and expedient type bypass and jumper cables which
are laid on the ground until more permanent methods may be installed.
Underground damage and faults are much more labor intensive and are normally very
difficult to repair in an expedient method. If rapid ability to locate and excavate cables are not
available, it is best to terminate at the nearest man/hand hole and tie in expedient jumper cables
to be run along the ground. This method is true for both direct burial and conductors in
conduit.  Connections should be made only by qualified trained personnel using approved
techniques and materials. Expedient cables that run exposed on the ground must be clearly
marked and protected from damage.
i. Safety Precautions.  Safety precautions should always be adhered to. General
electrical safety standards which should always be followed are listed below.
(1) Coordinate all work via one central location.
(2) Consider all ordnance to be live until proven otherwise by EOD personnel.
(3) Detonate or remove all ordnance by EOD personnel only.
(4) Do not open or close switches without permission from the main power plant
or other central locations, as predetermined by proper authority.


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