Quantcast Chapter 5. Material Procurement Data

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a. Purpose. This chapter provides general procurement information on couplers
recommended in this publication. Sixes are listed in 2-inch increments for data comparison,
although sixes from 2 inches to 24 inches are available. Couplers may be available in different
widths.  Prices listed are those effective at time of publication and are subject to change.
Vendors should be contacted directly for latest procurement information.
Dresser and Rockwell couplers can be used with English or Metric units of measurement.
Metric measurements must be converted to English units for the Dresser product line. Rockwell
couplers may be ordered directly in either the English or Metric systems. In addition, couplers
from both product lines have a tolerance of 1/4 inches for variations in pipe diameter.
Technical advice and assistance may be obtained from vendors on issues not covered in
this publication.  For example, specifics on gasket replacement should be referred to a
manufacturer's specialist familiar with the most current materials and procedures applicable to
specific geographical and/or operational uses of couplers.
b. Vendor Information
Table 5-1 lists manufacturers of coupler products.
Table 5-2 lists a distributor of PVC piping.
Table 5-3 lists Dresser Model 360 Coupler product line.
Table 5-4 lists Dresser Model 38 Coupler product line.
Table 5-5 lists Rockwell Model 225 Coupler product line.
Table 5-6 lists PVC pipes suitable for use in expedient repair.
TABLE 5-l. Coupler Manufacturers' Names and Addresses
Bradford, PA 16701
Dresser Industries, Inc.
(814) 368-3131
P.O. Box 5337
Rockwell Clamp and Coupling
(800) 643-9708
Texarkana TX 75505
Products, Smith-Blair, Inc.
TABLE 5-2. PVC Distributor's Name and Address
P.O. Box 588
(818) 841-1141
Ryan Herco Products Corp.
Burbank, CA


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