Quantcast Appendix A Repair Materials

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A variety of pipe sizes is used in the field. It is impossible to address every combination
possible. Emphasis is on combinations likely to be encountered in the field. Dresser Model 360
coupler with a Grade 42 gasket is recommended to repair pipes in sixes that range from 2 inches
to 24 inches. Smaller sections than 2 inches are not considered vital to mission support. Sixes
larger than 24 inches would be difficult to repair in a 4-hour period due to problems associated
with size and weight. However, sixes to 30 inches are available. The couplers can be used on
cast iron, asbestos cement, steel, iron, clay, plastic (PVC or ABS), and concrete. Dresser
Couplers can be used where pipe ends are deflected up to 4 degrees or offset 1/8 inch. The
shelf life of the gasket is a minimum of 5 years. The coupler can also join pipes with a
variation of 1/4 inch outside diameter. This tolerance can eliminate or substantially reduce
problems associated with pipes that have different nominal standards.  See table 5-3 for
procurement information.
Rockwell Model 225 with a Grade 60 gasket is a similar product and can be used on
pipes that range from 2 inches to 24 inches. Sizes to 30 inches are availabe. The Rockwell
couplers possess that same characteristics as the Dresser and is considered an equal substitute.
See table 5-5 for procurement information.
As Dresser and Rockwell couplers are made for a certain size application, it will be
necessary to have on hand couplers in every size likely to be encountered in the field. Individual
commands can assess their own utility systems and stockpile what is deemed appropriate.
As couplers are designed to be used with hardwall pipe, it is also necessary to have pipe
material on hand to be used for replacement. As in the case of couplers, individual commands
can assess their utility systems and stockpile what is deemed appropriate. Each command may
procure pipe material similar to what is in the ground. However, it is recommended that one
kind of pipe be stockpiled, to the extent possible, to minimize the procurement process. The
use of PVC pipe as a replacement is recommended and its use will save on cost and weight.
It can be obtained in pipe diameters up to and including 16 inches. See table 5-6 for PVC pipe
procurement information.


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