Quantcast Appendix D Installation

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a. When undamaged pipe sections are found, cut ends square with a pipe cutter.
Remove all burrs that result from cutting pipe.
b. Clean all dirt, rust, oil, or loose scale from pipe ends. Check surfaces where gasket
contacts the pipe to ensure that there are no imperfections, such as gouges or grooves, that will
impair the performance of the gasket seal.
c. Measure back on each pipe end one half of the width of the coupler and mark. These
marks will be used to center the coupler over the joint.
d. Measure and cut a replacement section of pipe. Repeat deburring and cleaning
e. Wipe gaskets clean and lubricate gaskets and pipe ends with soapy water. Alcohol
may be added to soapy water in freezing weather.
f. Align replacement pipe on both ends.
g. Place coupler over pipe end and align with mark. Rotate coupler until gasket is flat
against pipe. Repeat process for other side.
h. Tighten bolts uniformly to recommended torque, as given in table 4-3.
i. Turn on service and check for acceptable level of leakage.


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