Quantcast Steel -ARC (low alloy or mild)

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2 1/2 times diameter of rod.
TYPE: STEEL - ARC (low alloy or mild)
Vertical: Make root pass with a straight upward
progression and a short arc Some welders prefer a
V shape motion for root passes. Hesitate at point of
NSN: 9GD 3439-00-165-4186 (1/8X 14)
the "V" in the root to assure penetration. Each leg of
9GD 3439-00-479-1099 (5/32X 14)
the "V" should be about 1/8 in. No whipping should
9GD 3439-00-853-2719 (3/16X 14)
be done. On subsequent passes, weave across the face
of the root, continuously building up a shelf. The
weave should pause at the sides of the first pass to
clear out trapped slag.
POLARITY: AC or DC Reverse
Overhead: Use only stringer beads. Fillets should
be made with electrode at a 30 degree angle off the
vertical leg.
1/8 -100 to 150
Horizontal: Use stringer beads for fillets; direct rod
5/32 -120 to 200
into joint at a 45 degree angle. On subsequent passes,
use only stringer beads.
Primary: Excellent for joining low-alloy structural
steels such as Cor-Ten, Mayari R, Lukens 45 and 50,
Soft arc, low spatter, good bead contour and wetting
or Yoloy. Use for welding well casings.
actions, produces highest quality X-ray deposits. Good
Secondary: Joining all mild steels. Buildup prior to
impact resistance at normal and sub-zero
temperatures. Excellent for high-sulfur (free
machining) steels, and cold rolled steels.
PROCEDURES: Hold a short arc and use a slight
Tensile Strength: 70,000-78,000 psig
Flat: Use a high side of current range - weave up to


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