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TYPE: BUILDUP - ARC (tungsten, high speed)
For composite fabrication of cutting tools: machine or
grind surface, allow for approximately 3/16 in. of
(1/4X 14)
finished weld metal. Preheat to approximately
(1/16 X 14)
400F. Apply one pass of Marcoloy #200 to
(3/16 X 14)
eliminate pickup of impurities from base metal to
(3/32 X 14)
ensure sound, homogeneous deposit of high speed steel
(3/64 X 14)
on the second pass.
This rod deposits a tungsten-moly high speed steel that
POLARITY: AC/DC, Straight/Reverse
can be used for compositely fabricating tools for a
wide range of cutting conditions. Its "as-welded"
deposit is exceptionally tough and maybe used for
1/8 -100 to 160
rough, deep cuts. It has good impact-resistant
1/4 -200 to 280
characteristics. Tempered, this weld is ideal for
5/32 -140 to 180
finishing cuts at higher speeds. Will hold its temper
3/16 -180 to 240
and cutting qualities up to 1050F.
Primary: To repair or rebuild high speed tools
without having to reharden the tool.
Secondary: Form tools, milling cutters, lathe bits,
boring bars and other tools usually made entirely of
high speed steel can be made compositely with only
the cutting surfaces made of high speed steel.


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