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TYPE: SOLDER (tin - antimony 95/5)
TYPE: GRAPHITE (carbon electrodes)
NSN: 9GD 3439-00-088-8768 (1/8X 1 lb. spool)
NSN: 9GD 3439-00-262-4228 (3/8X 12)
Where moderately elevated temperature is a factor.
This solder has a plastic range of 12 degrees; it melts at
452F and flows at 464F. It has a higher
Brazing of sheet metal (galvanized). Preheating and
electrical conductivity than tin-lead solders and can be
post-heating when a torch is not available. Cutting of
used where lead is objectionable. Do not use on
all metals (when a cutting rod or torch can't be used).
aluminum, zinc, or zinc-coated metals such as
Soldering (small work) by shorting carbon electrode
galvanized iron. When stocks are depleted, use the
next to joint and feeding solder into a prefluxed seam.
tin-silver solder 96/4 on page 1-40.
Use to plug holes prior to welding or brazing or on
reverse polarity to deposit carbon to harden base metal.
Clean and roughen surface as this solder makes a
stronger joint on a rough surface than on a polished
Slow oxidation of the carbon electrode generates
one. Joint clearances can be from 0.003 in. to a
carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide; these gases offer
maximum of 0.010 in. An improper fit requires more
some weld metal protection.
solder and leaves the joint weaker. The flux to use is
NSN 9GD 3439-00-255-4566. Remove flux residue
after soldering joint.


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