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red color (1650F) for 5 to 30 minutes,
on the depth of hardness required. Remove the part
with dry tongs and quench it in clean, cold water.
NSN: 9GD 6850-00-139-5936 (10 lb. can)
After heating apart to 16500F using Method No. 2:
For rapid surface-hardening of all types of mild- and
C a s e Time in Case Time in
low-alloy steel. Will not increase the dimensions of
Depth Minutes Depth Minutes
the part. It can surface-harden cams, small tools,
shafts, gears and collars, as well as bolt and nut threads
to help prevent stripping.
. 0 2 0 50-55
Method No. 3: Heat the part to be hardened to a dull
Method No.1: After removing all scale, etc., heat
red color (1400 - 1600F) before covering it with
the part to a uniform bright red (1650 -1700F).
Roll, dip, or sprinkle the compound powder onto the
surface-hardening compound. Cover flat sections by
applying compound with a knife or spatula. Round
part or section to be surface-hardened. The powder
will melt and adhere to the surface. Reheat again to
sections can be dipped or rolled in compound. Allow
the part to seal, let it air for 30 seconds and then reheat
1650- 1700F and hold at this temperature for a few
it to a dull red color. Keep it at heat for one minute,
minutes before quenching in cold, clean water. The
then immediately quench it in water.
part will now have a case hardness of uniform depth.
Method No. 2: When a deeper case hardness for a
For deeper penetration, apply fresh compound at one
part is required, place it on a can lid, or a similar tray
minute intervals for several minutes while the part is at
(bum off tin before using), and cover it completely
red heat, then immediately quench it after the last
with surface-hardening compound. Heat it to a bright


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